Adey Almohsen

Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Visiting Doctoral Fellow, February - July 2017

Adey Almohsen is a PhD candidate in History at the University of Minnesota. Although specialising on the history of the modern Middle East and Mediterranean, his broad interests include Marxism - its history and thought, global and intellectual histories of the sixties, critical theory, poststructuralism and postcolonialism, theories of nation and culture, among others.

Focusing on Palestinians and the fraught development of their identity, Almohsen chronicles Palestinian history through its cultural, intellectual, and aesthetic expressions in Amman and Beirut over the years 1967-75. He registers the unremarkable manifestations of Palestinian identity in everyday life and observes the products of independent Palestinian thinkers and artists in order to furnish a "counterpoint" to hegemonic national discourses and reifying historical narrations. Conclusively, the research agenda will reveal the diversity and creativity of a people whose conflict and its historicisation – by supporters as well as detractors – have contributed to their provincialising.