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Tim Sontheimer

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Tim Sontheimer is a PhD student at the Faculty of Media and Communications at Bournemouth University (United Kingdom). He holds an M.Sc. Middle East Politics from SOAS (UK), and a B.A. Political Science from Freie Universit?t Berlin (Germany). His dissertation aims to understand law enforcement responses to a variety of security challenges, particularly protests, in the context of international security cooperation, moves towards security sector reform and police modernization, and a globalized market of security technologies. The thesis takes into account historical continuities and discontinuities of crowd policing. Particularly, the project focuses on the role of security technologies and their impact on security strategies. Tim’s thesis features a multi-method, multi-site approach, that integrates historical, transnational and local perspectives. Based on insights from Science and Technology studies and other, ‚new materialist‘ literature in security and international relations, Tim’s work seeks to go beyond traditional state-centrist accounts of security.


2016. Bringing the British back in. Sephardim, Ashkenazi anti-Zionist Orthodox and the British Policy of Jewish Unity.“ Middle Eastern Studies 52, 2; 165-181.

2014. Review of Miriam Stock "The taste of gentrification: Arabic snack shops in Berlin" Orient 2 (German)

2013. "Under the Banner of Democracy: Authoritarianism and Protest in Jordan". DOI-Kurzanalysen (German)

2013. Review of Asef Bayat "Life as Politics: How ordinary people change the Middle East". Orient 3 (German)