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Mina Ibrahim

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Visiting fellow, January – November 2017

Mina Ibrahim is a second year doctoral student at Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. He is also a fellow at the International Graduate Center for the Study of Culture (GCSC) that is affiliated to the same University. He works on an anthropological project entitled “For Where Two or Three Gather: Contesting the Victimization of Christian Spaces in Egypt” in which he learns about the everyday lives of Coptic Christians who are based at ‘non-religious’ spaces such as bars, coffeehouses, and prisons.

His project mainly asks: why shouldn't the studying of ethnic/religious minorities begin from the ‘original’ source of differentiation? In answering this question, he directs attention to negated Coptic Christians’ everyday gatherings and interactions in addition to under-studied struggles and experiences that add layers of complexities to a distinctive ‘visible’ religious identity/belonging. Moreover, he also emphasizes alternative understandings to the meaning of a Christian space in Egypt, ones that disrupt theological and sociopolitical considerations of various authorities and institutions. He argues that the latter confine the focus of academic and non-academic writings about Copts to certain lifeworlds that put limits on defining who the Copts are and what kinds of problems about them should be investigated.

Beyond academia, Mina writes a weekly film review in Daily News Egypt newspaper in which he explores the manufacture of victimhood narratives in the Egypt cinema. He also works as a part time researcher for ‘Esshad’ Project that maps and analyzes sectarian incidents in Egypt and in other Arab countries.