Libraries are infamous as spaces of regulation. Yet rather than to restrict, our guidelines are designed to make the Orient - Institut’s library the most comfortable and productive workplace possible.

The library of the Orient - Institut Beirut is a reference library. The use of its collection is allowed exclusively in one of its two reading rooms. We do not grant public access to our archives, but the personnel  makes material available to users upon request. The reading rooms are to serve as quiet workspaces. The consumption of food and drinks (with the exception of water) is not allowed, as is smoking. Mobile phones have to be switched off or turned silent upon entering the library. 

A reader card is required in order to use the library’s collection. Please complete the online registration form and bring  a passport photo with you. The yearly fee is L.L. 20,000. Library guests are requested to show their ID at the main entrance door without being asked every time they want to enter the library.

To order a book or journal, please fill out the book order form and give it to the library personnel. Your books will be issued for use in the reading room twice a day (11:15 am and 03:15 pm). Books you don't need any more should be returned to the staff of the library.

Photocopies can be made in the institute with a key counter. Copy cards of different values can be purchased at the library’s office. Please be sure to indicate which books you would like to copy, and note that books published before 1960 require a special copy permit that can be issued by the personnel. The copyright law has to be observed by the users.

Please leave your bags, coats and jackets outside the reading room. There are some lockers in the entrance hall to store your items. Keys are available at the library's office.

All visitors are kindly requested to sign the guest book at each visit.

The OIB does not assume liability for loss or damage of property or personal injury.

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