Political Slogans in a Changing Arab World (Nader Srage)

The OIB-based project “Political Slogans in a Changing Arab Region” was completed in spring 2013. This yearlong project, led by Lebanese socio-linguist Professor Dr Nader Srage (Lebanese University), examined the role of political slogans in the political transformation processes in the Arab region through the example of Egypt. The research team, based in Egypt and Lebanon, collected a vast amount of Egyptian revolutionary slogans that were analysed from a linguistic and semiotic approach, underlining both the local particularities of the use of slogans and how slogans travelled within the region and beyond. The clause equivalent “Irhal” received particular attention.

The research results have been jointly published by the Orient-Institut Beirut and the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (in Arabic): Nader Srage. Revolution and the Slogan of Egyptian Youth: A Study in Spontaneous Expression. (Beirut, 2014).

Review in the Lebanese daily al-Mustaqbal, 25 August 2014.

Author: Nader Srage