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Film screening


Film screening

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 

7.30pm, Orient-Institut Beirut


Directed by Soraya EL KAHLAOUI


In the presence of the director



In February 2014, law and order agents proceeded to forcefully destroy the homes of Douar Ouled Dlim's inhabitants, situated at the heart of a chic neighbourhood in Rabat. Refusing to leave their land, the inhabitants have lived since in makeshift camps and made of plastic tarp. During 2 years, they held several rallies and gatherings and filed a few administrative appeals, attempting to claim their right to be relocated.

It is worth mentioning that the inhabitants of Douar Ouled Dlim, members of Guich Loudaya tribe, had other struggles/fights before because Guich Loudaya is a warrior tribe. As a matter of fact, in 1838, the sultanate had offered 400 hectares of land to the tribe, as a reward for their loyal services. Guich Loudaya were converted to agriculture land. However, with the advent of the French Protectorate, these lands had been threatened by the greed of real-estate developers. And over the years, this is how this space, which would have been able to make Rabat an ecological town, had been entirely transformed into concrete.

Abandoned and left for themselves, Douar Ouled Dlim's residents refuse to leave their lands. "We will give nothing away", they repeated one after the other. From demonstrations to occupations, the people of Douar Ouled Dlim continue fighting, in spite of the silence and indifference, in order to ensure the survival of the memory of the great Guich Loudaya tribe. Ultimately, they all wonder "wach hna maghrba - are we still citizens?".


Technical information

Length : 70’

Director : Soraya EL KAHLAOUI

Line Producer: Intissar JBIHA

Editors : Laurent FONTAINE CZACZKES & Sabrina HAKIM

Illustrator : Sadri KHIARI

Photograph : Rodrigo AVELLANEDA


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This film screening is organised in cooperation with City Debates 2017