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Latest publications

Daniele Cantini - "We Take Care of Our Students: Private Universities and Politics of Care in Egypt" Read more

Performing Religion: Actors, contexts and texts - Case studies on Islam Read more

Nadia von Maltzahn - "What Cultural Policies?" Explicit and Implicit Cultural Policies in Lebanon. Read more

Torsten Wollina - “The Banu Qadi ‘Ajlun: Family or Dynasty?” Read more

Practicing Philosophy in Lebanon. Authors, Texts, Trends, Traditions Read more

Stefan Leder - Spielarten des Politischen in islamischen Kontexten Read more

Schrift, Offenbarung, Dogma im christlich-muslimischen Dialog Read more

Ḥallāl al-ʿuqad fī bayān aḥkām al-muʿtaqad Read more

Entangled Education: Foreign and Local Schools in Ottoman Syria and Mandate Lebanon (19-20th Centuries) Read more

OIS 4 (2016) - Media Culture in Transformation: Political communication, Social Networking and Transition in Egypt Read more

History, Space and Social Conflict in Beirut. The Quarter of Zokak el-Blat Read more

Aʿmāl muʾtamar niẓām al-taʿlīm fī sharqī al-mutawassiṭ bain al-ʿaṣrain al-mamlūkī wa-l-ʿuthmānī Read more