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Mohamed Maslouh

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Doctoral Fellow, Febr. - Jul. 2017

Mohamed Maslouh is currently a PhD student in Ghent University (Department of languages and cultures: the Near East and the Islamic World), and a researcher in the project of “the Mamlukisation of the Mamluk Sultanate-II: Historiography, Political Order and State Formation in 15th-Century Egypt and Syria (2017 - 2021).” His research interests cover the Middle East's intellectual and cultural histories, Modern Muslim discourses on bioethics, and digital humanities. His PhD dissertation examines Mamluk-Mongol diplomacy during their long warfare starting from the mid-thirteenth century. Previous works on the subject regarded the correspondence between the Mamluk and Mongols courts as vehicles for expressing kingship ideologies. Alternatively, with focusing on the Mamluk side, this dissertation will examine these letters beyond their direct functions as means of communication between two courts, and link them along with the “forged correspondences” (or the various versions of the correspondences which frequently appeared in the narrative sources) to more internal issues of Mamluk literary production, social organization, and performance of identities.