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Restoration project of the OIB in the Suq of Tripoli (2003-2005) wins award

Restoration project of the Orient-Institut Beirut in the Suq of Tripoli wins the Restoration & Rehabilitation of Architectural Heritage Award


The architects Antoine Fichfich and Michel Daoud in February received the “Restoration & Rehabilitation of Architectural Heritage Award” for projects between 2000 and 2017 by the Lebanese Order of Architects for the restoration of Suq Haraj. The restoration of the Mamluk-era Suq Haraj (ca. 1370) in Tripoli was launched in 2003 as a cooperation project between the Orient-Institut Beirut (OIB), the Direction Générale des Antiquités (DGA) and Tripoli municipality, and concluded in the spring of 2005. Financed through the German Foreign Office’s Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, the project restored damages occurred during the Lebanese civil war and elevated the building infrastructure. It combined traditional techniques and materials with modern solutions in an exemplary way. The restoration of the monumental Mamluk trade structure was conceptualised and scientifically supervised by the OIB. The project integrated the people using the Suq into the restoration process in a participatory manner. In parallel, the OIB and the municipality organised two international workshops, in which restoration techniques and concepts were discussed and negotiated publicly. The restoration of Suq Haraj served as a model for further restoration projects in the city.


The documentation and restoration of the Suq were part of a larger research project on Tripoli financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Tripoli is considered the most important old town of Lebanon, comprising 164 registered monuments. Stefan Weber, who led the project at the OIB, is currently director of the Museum for Islamic Art in Berlin, where he works together with the German Foreign Office and Archaeological Institute on a long-term project to document Syria’s cultural heritage.


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Further information on the restoration project:

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