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13 2016

Public research seminar
A Tale with Two Stories: Legal Development from the Perspective of (Inter-) Discourse Read more

14 2016

International workshop
(Call for papers) The Avant-garde and its Networks: Surrealism in Paris, North Africa and the Middle East from the 1930s Read more

12 2016

International workshop
Left-Wing Trends in the Arab World (1948-1979): Bringing the Transnational Back in Read more

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BI 51 Ibadism East of Mesopotamia. Early Islamic Iran, Central Asia and India Read more

BI 6 Volume 4 (New Edition) Al-Wāfī bi-l-wafayāt Read more

BI 54 Iqtidāʾ al-ġāfil bi-htidāʾ al-ʿāqil Read more

OIS 4 (2016) - Media Culture in Transformation: Political communication, Social Networking and Transition in Egypt Read more