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03 2016

Public research seminar
The Political Economy of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates and beyond in the GCC States Read more

10 2016

Public research seminar
Pleasure and Intoxication as a Literary Topic. Eating Ḥashīsh in Mamlūk Literature Read more

14 2016

International workshop
(Call for papers) The Avant-garde and its Networks: Surrealism in Paris, North Africa and the Middle East from the 1930s Read more

12 2016

International workshop
Left-Wing Trends in the Arab World (1948-1979): Bringing the Transnational Back in Read more

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BI 58 Ḥallāl al-ʿuqad fī bayān aḥkām al-muʿtaqad Read more

Job vacancy: Verwaltungsleiterin / Verwaltungsleiter Read more

BI 51 Ibadism East of Mesopotamia. Early Islamic Iran, Central Asia and India Read more

BI 54 Iqtidāʾ al-ġāfil bi-htidāʾ al-ʿāqil Read more

OIS 4 (2016) - Media Culture in Transformation: Political communication, Social Networking and Transition in Egypt Read more